# Places online

I’m not always using username “hedy” so if you’re unsure if someone is me, please contact me.

# Contact

Preferred method of contact: Email

  • Fediverse (mastodon): @hedy@tilde.zone
  • Email: hedy dot dev at protonmail.com
  • IRC: hedy (tilde.chat - preferred. Also on libera, teapot, and more)
  • Matrix: hedy:envs.net
  • XMPP: hedy at hmm.st

# Uses

OS MacOS, ubuntu, arch
Browser Arc, Min, Qutebrowser
Terminal Kitty, EAT
Gemini Client gelim, Lagrange
Spartan Client gelim
Gopher Client Lagrange
Editor Neovim, Emacs, Helix
Shell fish, eshell
Theme Dracula, Tundra (neovim), EF Themes (emacs)

For more information on my setup, check out my dotfiles repository on GitHub or on SourceHut.

The code blocks on this site use Emacs Modus themes by Protesilaos for syntax highlighting.